Be ready for a truly pleasant experience with White Widow Strain. Enriching, energetic, and creative this strain nurtures an almost psychedelic headspace. However, you’ll still have plenty of resources for engaged and dear conversation. Frivolous consumers will appreciate the affability of this strain, as well as the expansive mood it promotes.

White widow is so severely covered in white crystals that it looks almost white, no doubt where its name came from. It can be tough to pick out any other facts under those thick white trichomes, but weed users will get to know light green leaves with few pistils. Even though the heavily sticky nugs, these furry buds can be broken open without any effort.

  • Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
  • 60% Sativa | 40% Indica
  • High THC; Veteran Strain

White Widow is actually a mystic cross between a Brazilian Sativa and resin-heavy South Indian strain. It’s among the most famous strains in the world, valued for the amazing high properties and medical goodness it offers. Its eager users claim an instant energizing punch that moves to a state of deep peace.

How does it Look, Smell & Feel Like?

white widow marijuana strain ground up

white widow strain ground up

It’s just not sugary in look, while the aroma of this strain is solid and strong with blend of wood and pine. This scent of the flower is often called as “dank” with particles of earthy, moist soil tones. Buyers can guess a slight spicy, and strong scent from this one. Rookie weed consumers must be warned before using it as this weed can cause some serious coughing.

Health Benefits of White Widow

Medical weed users have many reasons to love this strain. Actually, the high THC content in this bud may be liable for the wide variation of medical effects:

  • Patients have found it to be useful with everything from PMS to mood disorders to Crohn’s Disease
  • White widow comprises between 18 and 25% of the psychoactive THC, but this can also make it an actual anti-inflammatory
  • Patients suffering from mental health conditions such as PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and depression all claim positive improvements.
  • This weed can also be useful for handling insomnia.

As a balanced cross, this strain also arises with a healthy dose of full-body relaxation. However this strain is often supposed to be more mental than physical, you’re likely to feel your muscles loosen up. Many White Widow admirers enjoy the light body numbness that this hybrid provides. Yet this strain is motivating, the Indica inheritance adds calmness and on the other hand cerebral high.

Ups of White Widow

  • Creative 
  • Energetic 
  • Happy 
  • Relaxed 
  • Uplifted 
  • Euphoric 
  • Stimulated 
  • Good Humored

Downs of White Widow

  • Dry Eyes 
  • Dry Mouth 
  • Spacey 
  • Hungry


  • Citrus
  • Pepper
  • Pine

If we talk about its uniqueness then White Widow acquires its name from the fact that it is factually enclosed in white crystals. While consuming this strain consumers must be careful as though the sweet sugary smoke surprises out light it can expand vividly and may result in heavy coughing, mainly if you’re new smoker. When it comes to odor then you can generally sense a minor citrus and peppery scent from this strain, and most consumers have also claimed an enjoyable lemon-flavored aftertaste. This being said, White Widow is particularly strong following combustion. Those who plan on being subtle should most absolutely take note.

Growth Course

White widow is the extremely sticky and when grown indoors, ranges up to 35-40 inches in height, flowers in 9 weeks, and yields 400 – 450 grams. When grown outside, it gets about twice as big and tall, reaping in late October in weathers above the equator.  It is reasonably tough and very popular among growers in California and through the west coast of the United States. 

So why is White Widow so Popular?

To some extent, it is considered to be one of the quickest hitting and lengthiest lasting indica available. Actually yet White Widow comprise THC levels around 21% and CBD around 1%, providing it a medium to high potency comparatively to some of the other top notch strains we have available. 

It has stable heredities with a variety of effects that hinge greatly on dosage and cannabis forbearance. Beginner users can expect a heavy stone as well as some cough, as the thick and crystal-covered flowers give off thick smoke that inflates within the lungs. A vape is often suggested along with this strain use. But when White Widow is swallowed by more veteran users, and in an cheery setting, it can gives inspiring and cerebrally stimulating effects also offering some energy. 

Well this were all about White Widow Strain, or you can say a strong strain. We Hope that our words will make sense to you and you can easily decide the right one for you. But if you are a novice user then I suggest you to read this article again so that you may get to know the facts about toughness of this strain. Thanks!