Regardless of your experience with CBD products, it could be tricky to gauge the right dose. And with several CBD products currently selling in different stores, pinpointing dosages could be challenging. 

CBD products are available as tinctures, lozenges, vaping cigarettes, etc. Each form has a different CBD composition and concentration. And since this CBD industry is very new, there’s no consensus on general dosage at the moment. 

Nonetheless, one question still lingers on current users’ minds – what’s the best CBD dosage?

At, we have a massive collection of CBD products for sale. Since there are so many products on offer, it’s only ideal we come up with a recommended dosage regime. 

Tons of articles about the benefits of using CBD exist, but very few talk about proper dosages. To confuse things a little further, there’s no regulatory framework governing doses for CBD products. 

For avoidance of doubt, it is essential to use a recommended dosage based on the following factors;

  • CBD concentration
  • Body size
  • Metabolism
  • Age
  • Medical condition
  • Intended effect

No current dosage can be termed universal at the moment when it comes to CBD. But with the steps and suggestions below, you can have a better idea of how much CBD you should use.

How to Choose Your CBD Dosage

Body – weight dosage estimation

Our body weight plays a significant role in determining how we experience CBDs effects and react to it. Most users recommend a 0.1 – 0.6mg per 1lb of body weight. For pain relief, a higher dosage tends to support faster efficacy. 

If you’re not sure of what your dosage should be, there are accurate calculators you can leverage with ease.

Start from the bottom up

In some instances, friends use rumors and personal experiences to recommend CBD dosages. While this may not have any short-term effects, long-term problems could develop. 

For instance, a friend weighing 200lbs could recommend his 75mg/day dose to you. And since you weigh around that range too, it could seem a great idea to follow the same regime.

But you’re leaving one important detail out – body chemistry. 

We all have differing histories when it comes to substance usage. Different supplements, medications, and so on make our chemistry somewhat unique. And with unique body chemistries come a high chance of varying reactions to CBD. 

The best course is to determine how well or poorly your body reacted to an initial weight-based dosage. Increase your dosage gradually until you notice CBDs effects kicking in.

But take great caution when thinking about increasing your dosage. And if you don’t know the next step to take when increasing dosages, consider the next step. 

Consult an expert

The word ‘expert’ when it comes to CBD has nothing to do with regular users of this substance. Long-term users tend to believe they have all the knowledge about CBD, but it’s not always true. 

Experts you should visit are doctors with extensive experience on CBD-based products. 

A qualified medical practitioner is in the best position to recommend accurate doses for CBD users. 

Doctors will take your condition, intended use, and other factors into account before recommendations. Also, doctors will have a great idea on how your body will react to a specific CBD dosage.

Following such professional advice makes your CBD consumption safer than ever. 

How to Measure Your CBD Tincture Dosage

Tinctures rank as an easy way to use CBD with accuracy. A filled dropper of the oil administered under your tongue could prove effective for several needs. 

But before hailing the tincture, you need to find out how accurate it can be for dispensing CBD oils.

For instance, a 30ml CBD tincture with 300mg of CBD means there’s 30030=30mg of CBD in each dropper. If you have a 75mg/day dose based on your weight, this means two-and-a-half droppers are enough. Even if this method isn’t the most accurate, it’s much better than guzzling one bottle per day. 

How to Measure Your CBD Vape Dosage

Vaping CBD is the go-to for most recreational users. Before kicking off your vape effort, start with measuring how much CBD is in a dropper. With this knowledge, you can estimate how much CBD per tank you consume. 

Estimating how many refills you need per day is more comfortable with this method too. 

CBD Skin Care Products

Another great option for CBD is topical relief pain. There are several companies that offer CBD products in this form. I recommend checking out Yeskana if you’re interested in learning more.

Final Word 

Among the methods for administering CBD dosages, capsules are more precise. These capsules contain a specific amount of CBD, making them ideal for custom dosages. 

Other methods ideal for getting accurate CBD dosages are applicators, gummies, beverages, and edibles. 

Generally, taking to your doctor could prove essential in getting your ideal CBD dosage. Our bodies have receptors known as ECS for short saddled with CBD interactions. What this means is that our body system could need more or less CBD as time goes on. 

 Depending on laws in your residential area, some practitioners may be unable to recommend dosages for using CBD.