Purple haze strain is named after the rock classic of Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze induces a dreamy yet enthusiastic buzz that makes you feel like everything is exact in the world. This fruit-flavored 70% Sativa is loquacious and creative, perfect for hanging out with like-minded friends. The effects could get a bit hallucinogenic for certain, but mostly you will be in a happy haze for hours. The mixing of Purple Thai and Haze, this strain grows buds that smell like sweet berries with a hint of spice. They look astonishing, too, with their violet leaves and orange hairs. Old-school cannabis supporters have loved Purple Haze since the 1960s – and now so will you.

purple haze cannabis strain review close up

purple haze cannabis strain close up

Purple Haze strain is famous for its wistful euphoria-inducing smoke. It will take you back into the rocking 60’s and make you feel like you are moving in a colored state. Listen to Jimi cry out in pain because the girl he loved left him in a purple haze. 😛

Growth Process

Like most Sativa-dominant weeds, Purple Haze is tall and slim. The fan leaves are thin and pointed, and the stems are long and flexible. Opposing to its counterparts, though, it is more easily to set in a variety of backgrounds. It is extremely resistant to disease and can flourish with basic care. Its Unique Haze genetics, on the other hand deliver the spicy-sweet aroma. The buds seems fluffy and soft, and covered with sticky white trichome.

Purple Haze is the worthy producer and perfect for the beginner as well as veteran cultivator. This plant grows well indoors plus out, with a yield of approximately 350 grams or more per square meter, liable on environments and heredities.

Effective Medicine

Purple Haze is just a charming sativa-dominant hybrid that gives an influential and long-lasting stone. In the arena of medical marijuana, Purple Haze is a top seller for a number of reasons beginning with the plant’s aesthetics. This purple powerhouse glares us with its eye bursting, rich violet hues that begin freeing good endorphins through visual stimulus before ever lighting up.

Once ignited, this beauty owns every division of taste, flavor, and pure euphoria smokers of any level will appreciate. It is highly desired for its bubbly, almost trippy high, as well as its calming and pain-relieving characteristics.

It yields a mild body high that doesn’t wither you. It is exceptional for reducing stress, and can reduce anxiety and depression. It can also help arouse the appetite in patients not feeling well enough to eat, and it can be a blessing for those long-term chemotherapy as it can reduce nausea.

Consumers who feel slight lethargic can use it to increase their energy levels. Additionally, it has a mood-lifting impact that can improve disorders such as chronic depression and anxiety. For individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it can offer massive benefits. The “haze” it produces is dreamy and euphoric, but it does not hinder the capability to focus.

What does it smell like? 

purple haze cannabis strain in bag

purple haze cannabis strain in bag

Purple Haze will fill your space with a fragrance that is deeply sweet yet musty. Break a bud open and an enjoyably earthy fragrance will puff out. If you have an intense sense of smell, you will be able to identify blueberries and grapes. Furthermore, it has herbal notes which will be conversant to addicts of Haze.

Effects of Purple Haze

It carries a high verve cerebral buzz that will kick in almost instantly. It can focus your attention and rouse creativity while keeping you in a state of ecstasy. You will want to seek other people’s company and involve in deep conversations. Be aware, though, that you could experience irrepressible giggle fits.

Low and slow way of consumption is the best way to devour Purple Haze. As mentioned before, you should watch out for distrust or increased anxiety. You can stop these adverse effects by working out a bit of limit.

Negative Effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizzyness
  • Anxious
  • Headache

What does it taste like?

Purple Haze smoke is flat and nice on the throat. Upon huffing, you will taste sweet and spicy, similar to a roasted pepper. But, it is on the exhale that the fruit flavors really shine. As the color of the bud proposes, they are mainly ripe blueberries and grapes. This juicy blend is one of the reasons why this strain is so highly-prized.

Things you need to know

  • Purple Haze is what help those suffering from Anxiety by aiding them deal with hectic environments.
  • If you ache from the pain of Arthritis, then you can find relief by Purple Haze.
  • Purple Haze can support those days when you need some Creative effects to take a start.
  • Purple Haze is accepted by countless people who suffer from Depression.
  • Purple Haze can leave a consumer with Euphoric Effects.
  • Purple Haze can upkeep coping with Symptoms of Fatigue.
  • Purple Haze is most of the times used to treat Migraines.
  • Common PMS Conditions can be treated with Purple Haze.
  • Purple Haze is often used to treat Conditions that are many times related with PTSD symptoms.
  • Purple Haze can treat symptoms that arise from Stress.
  • Purple Haze can help those looking for the effects of uplifting mood.