Pink Gorilla by Moscaseeds

Pink Gorilla is a potent AAAA strain bred and grown by Moscaseeds.  It is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Pink 2.0.  I picked up a bag from and sampled all aspects of it.  Pink Gorilla is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its dark color, fresh pine smell, and strong effects.

pink gorilla strain review

pink gorilla bud


This review will cover all experiences associated with smoking the flower of Pink Gorilla.  I will go over the genetics, effects, and physical traits of this premium strain.

Pink Gorilla Strain Breakdown

Phenotype: Hybrid – Indica-dominant
Grade: AAAA
THC/CBD Content:  20%/ 0-1%
Flavor: pine, wood, earthy
Effects: euphoric, happy, sleepy
Medicinal properties: stress, chronic pain, insomnia, depression and PTSD

pink gorilla genetic strain map

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by GG Strains.  It is a cross between Sour Dubb and Chem Sister.  Like its Pink Gorilla offspring, the buds are covered in large white trichomes.  This gives the bud a powdery-white appearance.  The buds are sticky with resin and pack a powerful >25% THC content.  Handle and smoke with care.

Pink 2.0 Strain

Pink 2.0 is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid strain from Exotic Genetix.  It is a cross between Predator Pink and Starfighter F2.  The bud is colorful with lots of orange hairs and hints of pink.  The flavor and smell is earthly-sweet.   This 21% hybrid strain allows you to expand your mind without reducing energy levels.

Sour Dubb Strain

Sour Dubb is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Clone Only.  It is a cross between Sour Diesel and Sour bubble.  Not much is known about this mysterious strain.  The high is reported to be typical of that of a strong sativa.  The buds are light green in color and have a sweet and citrus taste.

Chem Sister Strain

Chem Sister is a sativa-dominant hybrid from Clone Only.  This is a variation of Chemdawg.  THC levels are between 18-27%.  The buds are sticky and smell pungent.  Aromas of diesel and skunk are present.  The buds appear light green and are covered in large trichomes.  This is sticky stuff!

Predator Pink Strain

Predator Pink is an indica-dominant hybrid from Exotic Genetix.  It is a cross between Starfighter and Plush Berry.  The buds smell earthy and sweet and appear to have hints of purple beneath the orange hairs.  The high is said to be well-balanced while finishing with the urge to relax.  It has modest 14-17% THC levels.

Starfighter F2 Strain

Starfighter is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of unknown origin.  It is a cross between Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg strains.  The buds smell earthy with hints of pine and citrus.  The buds are generally small with purple leaves.  This is a hard-hitting 20% THC strain.

What does Pink Gorilla smell like? Let’s open the bag.

pink gorilla in the bag

This pungent strain by Moscaseeds is some premium stuff.  The AAAA grade is well-deserved here.  Upon opening the bag, your senses are met with a strong earthy and wood smell.  Almost like a softwood like pine and cedar.  It stings the nostrils slightly when inhaled directly from the bag.  It reminds of stepping out of the car at a campsite in the middle of a pine forest.  Squeezing the bud with your fingers invokes the strongest of the pine smells from this delicious bud.  It is surprisingly similar in smell to pine-based cleaning products.  Pungent and extremely refreshing.  Let your senses explore the incredibly aromatic Pink Gorilla strain. You can buy weed online at

What does Pink Gorilla look and feel like?

Pink Gorilla buds are grape-sized with medium density.  The packaging gave the buds enough room to “breathe” and not be squished.  The buds are soft when squeezed and return to their original shape after deformation.  The color is a medium green hue with mostly dark green sugar leaves and comparatively lighter-colored calyx.   Not too light and not too dark.  The trichomes are medium-sized which gives the bud a beautiful light coating of white color.  This coating makes the entire bud appear lighter in color.  There are not too many orange stigma hairs which allows the white trichomes to steal the show.

The medium-sized trichomes give Pink Gorilla a manageable amount of stickyness.  Only a little bit of resin will get on your hands if you need to break up the buds for a grinder.  Expect full-on stickyness if grinding this with your fingernails.

pink gorilla ground up

After breaking up the buds, the plant material now appears visually lighter and physically fluffier.  It feels very soft in the fingers when packing up a bowl.  The resin now more easily coats the fingers.  I think you know what comes next…

How does Pink Gorilla smoke?

Pink Gorilla is an incredible smoke.  The AAAA grade ensures you’ll have the best sensory experience you can get.  The taste has very strong pine and wood flavors.  This pungent flavor is exactly what was expected after smelling the bud.   A strong taste coated my mouth for about 20 seconds after a bong hit.  The aftertaste was pleasant and disappeared after about 3 minutes.  The taste seemed to linger a little longer than normal which could be desirable or undesirable.  Whatever floats your boat!  The taste overall was average when compared with other AAAA strains.  The taste is excellent when compared with AAA strains.  The ash was an even white.  Pink Gorilla burned evenly and the smoke was smoother than normal on the throat.  I don’t expect much less from a premium AAAA strain like this from an online dispensary in Canada.

Finally, How does the Pink Gorilla strain make you feel?

This indica-dominant hybrid came on smooth and was easy to settle in to.  The initial high produced feelings of excitement and energy which was surprising for an indica-dominant.  The indica properties slowly rolled in about 15 minutes later.  This produced typical indica feelings of heaviness and sleepiness.  Mixed with the sativa-like euphoria and energy, this is a strong and complex high.  This strain can be used in a variety of ways.  Medicinally, this will for sure reduce stress and cause feelings of relaxation.  The euphoria and energy will keep your mind distracted while the heaviness will relieve physical pain.

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