OHM Original vape kit

In the package

  • OHM Unit with Charging Case and holders
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 1 OHM Original Cartridge
  • 1 OHM Original Cartridge Battery
  • User Manual


  • Outstanding design
  • Portable and inconspicuous
  • Next level battery charging
  • Ultra smooth hits
  • Consistent temperature
  • Long lasting cartridges


  • None

The Cannaboss Expert Review

The Cannaboss Expert Review

Overall rating: 9.8/10

Experience 10

Shipping packaging

Ohmconnect.ca was easy to navigate and checkout. Shipping was quick through Canada Post and the package was small enough to fit in my tiny condo mailbox. The moment you unwrap the shipping material your experience begins. The matchbox style case makes the unit easily slide out and you’re presented with the vape kit. I don’t want to compare the experience to Apple, but that’s the best way to explain it. You can tell a lot of meticulous hard work was put into the experience and this is what OHM is all about.

You start to lose focus on the vape pen itself because the battery charger and storage container is so incredibly cool. One little tap and the tiny vape battery pen comes out for the first time. You don’t need to tap it out again once you have the cartridge on. It’s much more slim than any other battery pen and cartridge I’ve seen and it’s extremely light. It’s all charged up and ready to go out of the box. Spin on your cartridge and Bob’s your uncle.

Performance 9.8

Jack Herer – Mango Flavour

On the menu, Jack Herer Mango Flavor.
The cartridge volume is 0.4ml and they advertise you can get 100-125 hits of off it. I would say that’s fairly conservative and it really depends on how strong and long you inhale. Better to be on the safe side I guess! The first cartridge comes with your starter kit for $85 and cartridge replacements are $35. Deducting the price of the cartridge from the kit comes to $50 and you can purchase just the kit without the cartridge for the same price. That’s an incredibly good value considering the quality of this product.

OHM pen battery and cartridge

How do you use it? There’s no button and everything is automatic. Draw from the mouthpiece for 2-3 seconds and hold it in for 3-5 seconds (or 10…). “Repeat to achieve desired effect”, says the manual. The battery and cartridge are very skinny and light which is perfect for travelling.

How does it hit? Beautifully. The coil temperature and vaporize point is set to 190 degrees Celsius. The wick is made of non-flammable fiberglass material and it’s specifically designed for cannabis oil. Their products are lab tested. You get a really strong flavour blast without any signs of burning if you follow the instructions. The only very slight issue I encountered was not following the instructions and forgetting that you don’t need to haul hard. I overhauled that caused too much heat and lost the efficiency. I was testing to see how much I could get. After letting it cool down it was back to normal. Follow the instructions on the user manual and don’t try to tamper with its already perfect design.

Design 10

OHM vape case

The design is best part about the OHM. They were clearly following Ohm’s law on this one because you can describe it as mathematically gorgeous. It’s a picture perfect masterpiece that will have its in place in your life, like your front pocket or camping bag. It’s a mix between an iPod and a Zippo lighter. It’s designed absolutely meticulously and friends will wonder why your new phone is so small. Even if you’re not an Apple fan, everyone likes flipping a Zippo. The case has 3 slots. One for the pen and cartridge and 2 for extra cartridges.

At first, I was being really careful not to scratch it or even get fingerprints on it carefully opening the flap, but it’s not designed for that. It’s heavy and durable. It’s strong glass-like finish case and flip mechanism are designed to be handled. You’re also not going to break the bank if you need to replace it. Don’t be shy, enjoy it.

Battery & Charging 10

Did I say the design was the part of the OHM? I’m torn between a lot of things this piece of technology has to offer because the battery deserves an award as well.

There’s two batteries. The pen has a battery and the case that stores the pen also has a battery. You charge the case which charges the pen. The battery in the case has a capacity of 500 mAh and after 2 days of use I’m only down 20%. I can say forsure it will last you a long time, enough to forget about how much charge is left. Either way, there’s a lovely display on the front of the case that shows both the pen and case battery charge. The battery management is so well done you could take this camping in the middle of nowhere and not have to worry about your battery dying. I’ll be taking it to Algonquin in the interior this year. I can’t wait. Nothing beats breaking out a vape pen on a canoe unexpectedly and watch your friends eye’s light up. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t matter which from of cannabis you surprise friends with on canoe, but why not pull out something special to compliment your Canadian version of a driving a Rolls-Royce down the Autobahn.


There’s something special about OHM. You may prefer the design, the battery efficiency, or performance of the cartridges, but one thing that can’t go unnoticed is the effort and passion behind it. You can feel it. It’s a great piece for your pocket, bag, or shelf. Toss a couple of extra cartridges in the case and you will start to forget about the common issues vape kits and pens have. Running out of juice and batteries dying out of the equation.

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 3 reviews
by Anonymous on OHM

Thanks for the detailed review. It's a great vape and I would definitely recommend it.

by Anonymous on OHM

I actually forgot about the battery life 1 month after using it. Charged it once in 1 month. I use it occasionally on top of the bong hits and other mediums, but not full time. I wish other places sold compatible cartridges for the small version. it's so compact!!

by Anonymous on OHM

Really sleek design. My favourite vape so far.