This is in in-depth review on the Jelly Breath strain. You will learn everything you need to know about Jelly Breath, and also how marijuana is developed. A AAAA grade strain is expensive, and fun. There’s deep roots, science and history, that makes a top shelf flower. Buckle up.

Jelly Breath by Flawless.BC

Jelly Breath was created and cultivated by Flawless.BC. Flawless.BC grows a variety of high quality strains and concentrates. They’re known for their exclusivity, and sometimes difficult to get your hands on, cannabis strains. There isn’t too much information out there about them, but this isn’t my first ride with Flawless.BC. Their concentrates are quite good, but we’ll leave that for another review.


This Jelly Breath review is going to talk about everything, in detail. I’m going to break into its genetic family, open the bag, touch it, grind it up, smoke it, and give you the skinny you this sweet AAAA indica.

Where does the Jelly Breath strain start? Let’s break it down, for science.

jelly breath full bud

Phenotype: Indica
Grade: AAAA
THC/CBD Content: 18-21%/ 0%
Flavor: earthy, floral, pungent and woody, slight citrus.
Effects: euphoric, happy, hungry
Medicinal properties: stress, chronic pain, insomnia, depression and PTSD

Jelly Breath is a cross between Mendo Breath and Dosidos (Do-Si-Dos). Both of these strains are part of the OG Kush Breath lineage. This produces a euphoric body in the couch high that will hit all parts of your system with its 18-21% THC content. No CBD here. It’s a great strain for stress and chronic pain because it’s a full body effect. Let’s take a look at the Jelly Breath family tree.

Mendo Breath Strain
The Mendo Breath strain was produced by Mendocino, California-based Gage Green Genetics. It’s a cross between OG Kush Breath and a Mendo strain. Originally these were produced and used only as clones. Production changes allowed Mendo to be available in other forms.

OG Kush Breath Strain (OGKB)
Here’s where things get interesting. There’s no research to suggest which strain was bread with OG Kush to get OGKB. Where’s the breath? Some say it could be GSC, or possibly Durban Poison. I would definitely think this is more of a Durban Poison which would explain the sativa like qualities for an Indica phenotype, and the very dark purple hints.

GSC Strain (formally Girl Scout Cookies)
GSC is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. This produces a sativa leaning hybrid. If you haven’t tried Durban Poison, and you want to take yourself on a sativa rocket ride to Marry Jane’s ranch, all aboard the golden patriot.

Dosidos Strain (Do-Si-Dos)
The Dosidos strain is an indica hybrid crossed between OGKB and Faceoff OG from Oregon’s Archive Seed Bank. This produces a very citrusy flavour which crosses over nicely with Mendo Breath. Facebook OG can produce high THC percentages, upwards to 30%.

Face Off OG Strain
This is where it all began. Face Off OG is a phenotype of OG Kush that was selected after cultivating seeds from a hermaphrodite OG Kush.

What does Jelly Breath smell like? Let’s open the bag.

jelly breath in bag

I got this Jelly Breath from CannabudPost, an online dispensary in Canada. Knowing this is part of the Kush family, I was expecting it to have a little bit of a stronger, pungent, hits the nose just a little bit to get it tingly smell, but I was surprised it wasn’t overwhelming. It’s calming, very earthly, and for a AAAA grade, it’s complex. Opening the bag for a second sniff, and now I can smell the floral essence. This is what’s likely masking the strong earthy Kush smell. It’s very refined with notes of potpourri, eucalyptus, and freshly cut timber. Final sniff, there we go, there’s that hint of fresh lemon citrus from the Mendo Breath. It takes the edge off and it’s a nice touch.

What does Jelly Breath look and feel like?

At first glance, it’s purple, but it’s not dark purple. Some leaves are bright and when mixed with the abundance of red hairs it looks unique. Density is difficult to measure when you buy weed online, but it’s certainly more airy compared to the average flower. There’s going to be surprises with this bud. It’s definitely an indica, but when you touch and feel it your thoughts are mixed. There aren’t too many trichomes on it but it still packs a punch and I’ll get into that soon.

Tearing it apart opens a world of glory. Now you can see the trichomes. It has that airy, sticky and crunchy texture when you break it apart with your fingers. That’s the AAAA I’m absolutely expecting when I pay top dollar for top shelf, but this is quite nice. I like the complexity of the buds and the extra care used trimming and cutting.

jelly breath in grinder

Let’s put it in the grinder. It’s quite fluffy, and I don’t want to get any THC sticky goodness on my hands and rather in my bowl, so I’m gently taking care of this procedure. Side note, I’m christening my brand new Friendly Stranger grinder with it (not affiliated). Such a great feeling when those, “never going to be as sharp grinder blades ever again”, cut through the whole shebang like butter. Shticky blades? Not today!

jelly breath ground up

How does Jelly Breath smoke?

Smooth. Not diamond live resin smooth, but for a flower, it’s a good smooth AAAA clean smoke that’s not too harsh. The taste is very earthy. This is where the Kush comes in. Most of the qualities of the Kush are definitely here in the taste. The aftertaste leaves a bit of that citrus, perfume presence. That’s my favourite part. Again, I’m going to lean on the quality that you’re expecting to get with a AAAA grade. This leaves no doubt you’ve got the real deal.

Finally, How does the Jelly Breath strain make you feel?

Folks, let’s recap a little a bit. You need to understand the family history to understand this isn’t your average Indica. I’m also feeling the full breadth of the breath so hear me out if I start blabbing.

The force of the sativa genetics in this strain are strong. This is not for someone who wants a pure Indica. It’s powerful, however, it doesn’t last as long as a strong Sativa would, so it’s not overbearing if you’re not used to a mind bending Sativa. That’s what makes Jelly Breath special. It’s a very complex strain with some big celebrity grandparents who know how to party, but also know when to call it a night. This is the type of bud you can relax with, bring some friends over, and have a few smiles and laughs all while being pain free. Ready? You can check out Jelly Breath here.

Shop smart my friends.


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Great strain, good smoke.

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Mmm freshly cut timber... Jelly Breath ftw

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Thanks, great review. Flawless.BC is on instagram if you need updates on their strains.