Introducing Terp Sauce

Terp sauce – while the name has sauce in it, you won’t be spreading this product over bread or crackers like cannabutter or weed oil. Terp sauce is a flavour-focused cannabis concentrate that’s rising up as an alternative to the more intense, THC-focused concentrates that have been dominating the cannabis market for quite some time now. 

Also known as terp juice, this concentrate is not something you’ll want to drink, despite how delicious it’ll smell when you first crack the jar open. Don’t be fooled by its name – while this concentrate is definitely all about the terps (terpenes), its sauce-like name is applied only to its runny, slightly viscous consistency.

Curious about what this terpene-focused cannabis concentrate is all about? Want to ge your own the next time you buy weed online?  Let’s get into it. 

The Scoop on Terp Sauce

So here’s the scoop on terp Sauce Canada. This product ain’t your grandma’s weed, that’s for sure. If we want to get into semantics, the full fancy name for concentrates of this class is High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract or HTFSE. 

Since this name doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue, you can just call it Terp Sauce like everyone else. The science behind this product is spectacular, and you don’t even need to remember your chemistry 101 class to appreciate it. Once you understand what makes this product unique, you’ll understand why the price point is where it is.

Terp Sauce is full-spectrum. This means that you get all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other important compounds packed inside. This is what helps promote the Entourage effect, which you’ll learn about shortly. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur or would like to be, Terp Juice is a must-try.

It may not always look the same, as the consistency can vary. Over time, you’ll learn to recognize high-quality products and ensure you get the most bang for your buck. With as much as 60% terpene content, you’ll discover that the name does not lie. The explosion of aroma and flavour when smoking this product is purely incredible. 

There really is no other smoking experience quite like it. The rest of the product can be filled with as much as 40% cannabinoids, so you’ll notice the impact rapidly after you vape it. Beyond the amazing flavour, the punch this product packs can get you nice and ripped.

For those who want even higher potency (like real stoned), you can also buy Terp Sauce with THC Diamonds inside. These nearly pure THC crystals add further potency that will get any stoner incredibly high. 

This is also why less experienced consumers should consider alternatives, or at least start with a tiny dose. We’ve mentioned terpenes a bunch already, and if you don’t know what they are, you’re in for a fun lesson. Read about terpenes below.

Terpenes are what?

In simple terms, terpenes are what create the aroma of all plants. They are volatile aromatic compounds. The volatile term refers to how they are released from the flower into the air. The aromatic term is just a fancy way of saying they produce a scent. Terpenes are found all over the plant kingdom, and you know every nice smell to them (and the bad ones). Terpenes found inside cannabis like myrcene and pinene are the exact compounds created by mango and pine trees, respectively.

Thanks to genetics, the Cannabis plant produces a variety of terpenes, and it produces them well. This is why different strains can smell so vastly different. And more than just smelling nice, these terpenes add to the overall effect of cannabis. The term used to describe this, the entourage effect, is described next.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect is used to describe the added benefits of cannabinoids alongside terpenes. THC and CBD are the primary compounds that produce the commonly known effects of cannabis. Terpenes can shape the experience and influence the outcomes of your smoking session. Beyond the pleasant aroma and taste, terpenes are said to have synergies with cannabinoids. This means that the combination of the two is greater than just the sum of the parts. While researchers explore this hypothesis further, consumers swear by the positive effects of terpenes.

Why is Terp Sauce Special?

We have already introduced the key factors that make Terp Sauce so unique. The flavour and aroma are unmatched by nearly anything else on an online dispensary canada. It also comes packed with cannabinoids to help you get your desired dose of THC or CBD. This means that during and after this full-spectrum smoke, all you get is amazing results. 


Other concentrates focus on the cannabinoids and often remove terpenes from the mix. Terp Sauce is the opposite, being packed full of terpenes while also have plenty of THC inside. The high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids takes terp Sauce to a level of its own in the cannabis space. Pay careful attention to how much of this potent concentrate you consume, or you may find yourself too high for your own good.

How to Make Terp Sauce

Terp Sauce falls under the same category as live resin (as opposed to shatter, waxes, or hash oil). This is because they both use live resin. This initial product is made using fresh cannabis buds instead of dried flowers. Instead of drying and curing flowers to get the product you’ve likely smoked plenty of time, flash-freezing technology is used. The outcome of this is a nearly perfect chemical profile of the flower itself.  

As we discussed, terpenes are volatile. This means they will disperse into the air over time. Freezing flower to make live resins also helps lock in those terpenes.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the science here. All you need to know is that a solvent like butane is used to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids. This step requires scientific expertise and proper training to perform safely. The result is a liquid Terp Sauce that is aged (cured) and then packaged. 

The aging process is what really makes this product so special. The technical term is nucleation, which involves the separation of the terpenes and cannabinoids. This is the science behind Diamond Mining. By allowing these compounds to separate, the result is Terp Sauce and THCA Diamonds

Terp Sauce can also be made without diamonds, depending on the exact technique. Comparing live resin vs. shatter, we can see the effects of this critical ageing step (nucleation). When shatter is made, the goal is to avoid nucleation, while Diamond Mining promotes this separation to create diamonds and sauce.

Pay attention to these minute differences as you won’t want to get the wrong product the next time you buy weed online!

How to use terp sauce?

This is the easy part! Terp Sauce is a highly flexible and convenient product for cannabis consumers. Like smoking? You can use just about any glassware you have at home. Prefer vaping? This also works, although it does depend on the model of vaporizer you have. Or are you totally into using your torch to dab? That’ll work as well! 

Smoking joints can be a bit trickier due to the saucy consistency, but it can also be done! Terp Sauce can be added to your dried flower, THC diamonds, or consumed by itself. Any way you smoke it, you’ll experience a wonderful aroma and flavour, followed by a potent high. 

Dabbing is one of the most efficient ways to get the most out of Terp Sauce, so consider saving up for that dab rig you’ve always wanted. For those trying to be subtle with your smoke, you may want to look elsewhere, as those terpenes produce an intense scent that can linger, just like the high Terp Sauce produces.

Final Thoughts on Terp Sauce

When smoked by itself, Terp Sauce can have as much as 40% THC content. Do not let the pleasant smell trick you. This product is comparable to hash or hash oil in potency, while not as strong as shatter products. Add some THC Diamonds into your sauce and you’ll get to levels seen in the most potent concentrates. Ensure your stay safe and consume responsibly. Unless you like greening out? Start with a tiny dose and increase it slowly over several days.


With Terp Sauce’s full-spectrum package, it’ll provide everything you can want out of a good smoking experience. From the powerful flavour and aroma through the baked hours to follow, every second is satisfying.  

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