The cannabis concentrate community is growing day by day, with more people everywhere discovering their love for this potent form of cannabis – so much that many people are wondering how to make rosin, a new solventless concentrate that’s quickly gaining buzz.

Though most concentrates aren’t easily made as their processes require extensive equipment, this isn’t the case for rosin. Not to be confused with resin or live resin, rosin is a unique form of solventless cannabis concentrate that people are crafting for personal enjoyment every day. 

With the need for few tools and zero use of dangerous chemicals or alcohols, rosin is an ideal concentrate choice for all types of cannabis consumers.

What is Rosin?

If you haven’t heard of rosin, that’s probably because it’s one of the newest forms of cannabis concentrate available on the market. While its creation is said to have happened sometime in January of 2015, this novel concentrate is only just beginning to get the recognition it deserves.

As a solventless concentrate, rosin does not require a solvent, or a substance like CO2, butane or ethyl-alcohol to be used. The solvents remove the undesirable plant’s components and compounds and leave the remaining oil to be further purged and purified to ensure that no solvents remain before becoming consumable. With rosin, however, all you need is heat and pressure.

Some may prefer solventless concentrates over solvent-based ones, as they tend to be purer. 

Many believe that when solvents are used, their products are “polluted” and the plant’s purity is compromised. Solventless concentrates like rosin, then, are considered to be in their most natural form. These are also incredibly flavorful, as more terpenes are preserved than during a solvent-based extraction.

How Do You Make Rosin?

When it comes to making rosin, especially at home, there are various ways you can do it. One of the most popular and easiest ways to create rosin is with a hair straightener. No, you read that right: an everyday hair iron and some parchment paper are really all you need. 

For this method, begin by heating up your hair straightener to a temperature that’s below 300 degrees. Most have a low setting between 245 and 280°, so aim for around there.

Then, with your parchment paper, cut out a square that’s about four inches by four inches. Fold it in half, and add your choice of cannabis material, usually flower or kief, in between the fold. Carefully place your bud-filled parchment paper between your straightener and press for only a few seconds– make sure you wait until you hear a sizzle! 

Then, take your paper and very carefully unfold it (this is where a pair of heat-resistant gloves come in handy). Using a dab tool, you can collect your newly-formed rosin.

You may also choose to do similar procedures using tools like irons, though with clothing irons you do not get equal heat from both sides, so you may expect a bit more trial-and-error if you go with this method. However, regardless of how you choose to create this, what’s important is the lack of solvents used. This solvent-free process is incredibly safe (besides the potential for a few fingertip burns) and you don’t have to worry about inhaling any harmful chemicals when you dab.

What is a Rosin Press?

No matter how easy the DIY rosin methods are, the most effective is always going to be the rosin press. A rosin press is a high-tech piece of equipment that works to control the amount of heat and pressure your bud is exposed to during rosin creation. As the name suggests, these machines use high-grade heated plates and extreme pressure to press your bud to ideal temperatures within an ideal time. The combination of controlled heat and pressure creates an extraction process that is surprisingly simple and yields an incredible result.

Rosin presses are almost always preferred to DIY methods as the result is simply better. You are able to produce a significantly higher yield of rosin, you don’t waste nearly as much plant material, and your product is easier to create. With a rosin press, making quality, potent rosin is more effortless than ever before.

Concluding Thoughts on How to Make Rosin

Solventless, flavourful and potent, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take the leap and try this tasty, butane and ethyl-free cannabis concentrate for yourself. If you’re interested in making this tasty treat at home, keep in mind that the yield and quality may not be up there with more professionally made variants. 

Nevertheless, the process is as easy as grabbing a hair straightener, some butcher or wax paper and some weed and tightly squeezing the kush between the straightener’s hot plates. Don’t want to stink up your house? Consider a chance to buy weed online by visiting an online dispensary in Canada – you won’t be disappointed by the wide variety and affordable prices.

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