There are two main documents required to open a retail cannabis store in Ontario. A Retail Operating Licence (ROL) and a Retail Store Authorization (RSA).

As of now, the AGCO is accepting Retail Operating Licence (ROL) applications. The process required to obtain and ROL and RSA for cannabis is rather lengthy and costly. Applications will cost around $10,000. Reach out to Harrison Jordan, from Harrison Jordan Law, on how to get a dispensary license in Ontario

There are currently no pre-qualifications as there were before and it’s easier to enter the market if you hire a cannabis lawyer. Be prepared to show you have access to funds, typically way above the 6-figure area.

Requirements Summary For Retail Operation Licence (ROL)

Capital for opening
Products, real estate, security, construction.

Background check
Financial checks to ensure you’re capable of maintaining a retail store.

Security requirements
Hire a security consultant to help put together a plan to secure your cannabis store and training.

TCV number
Your cannabis lawyer will manage this and obtain it from the Ontario government. This is required when you apply for the Retail Operator Licence.

Corporate documents
Article of incorporation, by-laws, shareholder agreements.

Details of shared
Shareholders with over 10% are required to be disclosed.

Financial statements
Be prepared to disclose financial documentation.

Requirements Summary For Retail Store Authorization (RSA)

This is the most important requirement. Your location is key to a successful and safe retail cannabis business.

Architecture & Interior Design
Your brand everything. High professionals to manage your interior and digital strategy.

POS (Point-of-Sale) & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
You will need technology to manage your processes. From managing your products financials, to inventory management, and staff resourcing.

Standard Operating Procedures
Set guidelines for processes. This can be relating to COVID-19 safety protocols and store management.

Maintaining Minors
Your security guard will create protocols, plan and manage minors on the premises.

15-Day Notice Period
After submitting your application, there will be a 15 day notice period. You will post your notice on the property you established business.

Under the Cannabis Licence Act you can have your licence revoked at any time. Hire a good lawyer, understand the law, and you will be fine.

Looking to read more on how to get a dispensary license Ontario? You can reach out to Harrison Jordan Law to learn more.

Good luck on your journey!