Don’t trust the name, Green Crack is pure cannabis. The sativa dominant hybrid got its name from Snoop Dogg and also goes by the name of Green Cush or Cush. With a high sativa/indica ratio (65:35), this strain descending from Skunk #1 is massively potent and highly addictive but is a great daytime strain: energy rush, focus, creativity, mood boost and an invigorating mental buzz are experienced.

Not only it helps its consumers get things done, it is also a very effective treatment for fatigue, stress, anxiety, along with ADHD, PTSD and migraines. The most common downside effect is the dry mouth. Dry eyes occurs from time to time, so can dizziness and paranoia but less often. Green Crack has a sweet flavor and citrus notes, its buds are dense and tight.

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Green Crack
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by Anonymous on Green Crack

Green crack is pretty good and got it's came from snoop!