Rooted Cannabis Group provides guidance and infrastructure for cannabis delivery businesses that once operated legally until new legislation was introduced giving favour to big brand cannabis enterprises. Rooted offers social equity operators and new cannabis entrepreneurs opportunities to run your existing business legally in the State of California. Here’s a summary of how they work and how you can turn your business into a thriving, legal, operation.

How Can Rooted Help You With Delivery Services?

They are a licensed partner with the infrastructure to work with non-conforming and new cannabis delivery companies getting you operating legally. With experience being the first in California to offer cannabis delivery services, Rooted has years of learnings from working with the legislation directly. Having an understanding of the challenges brought forth with new Cannabis laws gives them a unique perspective and opportunity for your business.

rooted cannabis group delivery app

Delivery And Beyond

Beyond building infrastructure for your delivery services, which includes GPS tracking, order management, distribution, and track & trace, they will also assist you in getting a legal cannabis operating license. Monthly training, human resources, branding, technology and fully integrated ERP systems can be available as your business grows. Rooted Cannabis Group will adapt to your business at any part of its journey to create a legally orchestrated delivery cannabis business.

Full List Of Services:

Delivery Membership
Infrastructure to support delivery services for your new or existing cannabis business.

Distribution & Branding
Rooted has the largest cannabis distribution outlet in California. They will offer white label or collaboration for a new start up.

Cultivation Membership
A guide and strategy to safely and legally cultivate.

Government Consulting
We will consult the government to create guidelines and ensure cannabis delivery companies are operating within legislation.

Visit Rooted Cannabis Group to learn more about Delivery, Brand, Legal, and their operational services or for cannabis delivery services.