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A california indica dominant hybrid, Mango Sapphire is a genetic masterpiece with extreme levels of THC hitting upwards of 20-25%. This heavy hitter is perfect for evenings where you need to wind down and relax, or if you need to toke before bed this strain is for you. The heavy body effects relieve pain and relax the body, eventually leading the user into a deep sleep.  This Saphire is a cross between Bubba’s Gift and OG Kush, giving the strain a sweet and fruity scent which is further reinforced when smoked.

The high starts with potent cerebral effects, which are then followed by a very relaxing indica high that soothes the body of pain. For those suffering from insomnia, this strain is perfect as eventually the high leads to deep relaxation and sleep. Be aware, as you may get the munchies so have some snacks so you’re not kept awake by the hunger pains.  This strain is guaranteed to couchlock you after a nice cerebral high, so put on a nice movie and enjoy Mango Sapphire.

Up to 22-24% THC