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Fair Canna Care is a group of compassionate growers who operate with the belief that every Canadian should have access to FAIR priced high-quality cannabis, regardless of their income, social status or medical needs.

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CBD Flowers – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

Enjoy a pain free smoke and get 10% off all CBD Flower purchases at... Read More
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$2.50 Grams – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

Choose from a variety of flowers for $2.50 a gram. Best price in town when you... Read More
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$3.00 Grams – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

Choose from a variety of flowers for $3.00 a gram. Use our 10% off coupon and... Read More
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$4.00 Grams – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

Something in the middle for the budget? Check out the $4 gram selection and... Read More
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$5.00 Grams – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

5 bucks a gram. Not on the low end, not quite on the high end, but you can't go... Read More
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$6.00 Grams – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

Enjoy a premium quality smoke for premium quality price. Use our coupon code to... Read More
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$7.00 Grams – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

AAA good times for a fraction of the price. Take a look at FairCannaCare's high... Read More
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$9 Gram (Quads) – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

FairCannaCare's brand new quad strains are the highest quality BC bud, which... Read More
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Flower Sample Packs – FairCannaCare Coupons

Can't decide? Well my friends, you don't have too. Grab a sample pack and get... Read More
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Shake/Trim – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

Call it what you want, it's a wonderful thing. You can cook with it, make your... Read More
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Kief/Crystals – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

The best part of the plant. Why wait for the catcher to build up when you just... Read More
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10% off Wholesale! – FairCannaCare Coupon Code

Save 10% off pound and half-pound purchases. Wholesale is the best way to save... Read More
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CBD Flowers – FairCannaCare Coupon

FairCannaCare has a massive selection of CBD products. Try their flower... Read More
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CBD Pre-Rolls – FairCannaCare Coupon

You probably can't roll as well as a properly corporate manufactured joint with... Read More
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Tinctures & Droppers – FairCannaCare Coupon

CO2 Extracted CBD, 99% Purity, Mixed with MCT Oil, 1 full dropper = 1ml = 33mg... Read More
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CBD Vape Pen Kits – FairCannaCare Coupon

The most efficient way to consume if you ask me. Most kits consists of one... Read More
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CBD Cartridges – FairCannaCare Coupon

Load up on a few replacement cartridges for our CBD pen. Enjoy a clean way of... Read More
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CBD Gummies – FairCannaCare Coupon

Chew down on some sweet goodness and forget all about smoking the stuff. Save... Read More
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CBD For Pets – FairCannaCare Coupon

A little something for you, a little something for sparky. We all get old.... Read More
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$25 Shatter – FairCannaCare Concentrate Coupons

The finest quality shatter on the block. This is certainly for the experienced... Read More
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