We all marvel at the great artists’ achievements. However, just because we don’t have the talent of a Mozart, Van Gogh, or Shakespeare doesn’t mean we can’t make the most out of our own creativity.

Whether it’s daydreaming while stuck in a traffic jam or brainstorming new design ideas for your kitchen, we can all benefit from letting our creativity flow. However, even the most brilliant minds get stuck from time to time, and here’s where some people believe that CBD oil could be used to boost creativeness and spontaneity.

Understanding the creative process

how do we think?

When we talk about creativity, we’re really summing up a complex process which involves the use of memory, consciousness, spontaneity, deliberate decision-making, and specific neural circuit pathways to generate and put together thoughts.

However, there isn’t one but actually two types of creative thinking: convergent and divergent. The first one involves finding a single, correct solution to a problem. The second one, divergent, has become synonymous with creativity and is the process of juggling between multiple answers to find the best solution for a set problem.

Increased dopamine levels could promote spontaneity


CBD oil, like cannabis, could help increase dopamine levels in the brain and therefore help decrease latent inhibition while also promoting the spontaneous generation of ideas.

Latent inhibition is the process by which our minds disregard sensory stimuli which doesn’t seem relevant at the moment. This can be of great help when we’re concentrating on a task, but its ability to stop our minds from wandering between thoughts can put the brakes on our creative imagination.

Higher levels of dopamine are also linked with an increased interest in new ideas. This thirst for novelty is a common characteristic found among the brains of many creative individuals and is responsible for creating a desire to see things from as many angles as possible.

CBD oil might help you get a better sleep

Creating new ideas is a rewarding but incredibly exhausting job. That’s why creative thinking is more fruitful when done in the morning, after waking up from a deep, restorative sleep.

Research suggests that CBD oil could keep your mind from wandering when it’s bedtime. Other studies show that CBD could also help people dealing with anxiety or stress by blocking uncomfortable thoughts while also inducing quality sleep.

Furthermore, CBD oil is also thought to help people dealing with insomnia. If this is your case, try taking it at least an hour after going to bed to see if it helps you clear your head and get ready to dream. If you find it’s not doing it for you, try increasing the dosage until you find the right amount for you.

There are lots of benefits for seniors as well. Check out The Green Grass and The Grey Tide to learn more.

Human beings are creative creatures by nature. However, when stress and anxiety take over, it’s easy to believe that creativity isn’t something you were born with. Don’t let these thoughts hold you back, though. With a little more dedication, sleep, and perhaps a few drops of CBD oil, you too can become more like Michelangelo!