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A Guide To Grade AA Cannabis (Dubs)

Written on July 25, 2021 in General

You know the feeling when you walk into a dispensary and see three jars, one with top-shelf bud, the second with medium grade and another with low-grade stuff. Of course, you pick the top shelf right? There is an entire science behind weed quality, and if you want to get really specific, it is called…

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Delivery Infrastructure & Logistics For Your Cannabis Business

Written on February 3, 2021 in General

Rooted Cannabis Group provides guidance and infrastructure for cannabis delivery businesses that once operated legally until new legislation was introduced giving favour to big brand cannabis enterprises. Rooted offers social equity operators and new cannabis entrepreneurs opportunities to run your existing business legally in the State of California. Here’s a summary of how they work…

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How To Get A Dispensary Licence In Ontario

Written on January 31, 2021 in General

There are two main documents required to open a retail cannabis store in Ontario. A Retail Operating Licence (ROL) and a Retail Store Authorization (RSA). As of now, the AGCO is accepting Retail Operating Licence (ROL) applications. The process required to obtain and ROL and RSA for cannabis is rather lengthy and costly. Applications will…

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What are Terpenes? – Your Comprehensive 101 Guide

Written on September 24, 2020 in General

What are terpenes? – there are over a hundred different compounds that are found inside the cannabis plant including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and omega fatty acids and terpenes make up just one part of an ever-growing collection. Aside from all these compounds, there is also something about the aroma and flavour of cannabis that gives it…

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What is Terp Sauce? It’s High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

Written on June 1, 2020 in Concentrate

Introducing Terp Sauce Terp sauce – while the name has sauce in it, you won’t be spreading this product over bread or crackers like cannabutter or weed oil. Terp sauce is a flavour-focused cannabis concentrate that’s rising up as an alternative to the more intense, THC-focused concentrates that have been dominating the cannabis market for…

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How to Make Rosin – Dank, Solventless, and 100% Dab-able

Written on March 26, 2020 in General

The cannabis concentrate community is growing day by day, with more people everywhere discovering their love for this potent form of cannabis – so much that many people are wondering how to make rosin, a new solventless concentrate that’s quickly gaining buzz. Though most concentrates aren’t easily made as their processes require extensive equipment, this…

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Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Marijuana

Written on August 3, 2019 in General

The practice of using targeted LED light for healthier plant growth began about 140 years ago. In the middle of the 19th century, pioneers in botanical science made some the earliest strides in developing technologies that could stimulate photosynthesis with electromagnetic waves. Before they had the ability to foster healthier plant growth through artificial light…

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3 Tips To Buying The Best CBD

Written on July 20, 2019 in General

CBD is taking the wellness world by storm. The market brims with dozens of innovative CBD products from protein powders to lubes and bath bombs. You don’t even need to hunt around for a local dispensary that will sell you CBD products — CBD is legal all over the country. You have your pick of…

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