cannabis delivery mississauga

Cannabis Delivery in Mississauga

Written on August 14, 2021 in Uncategorised

Mississauga, also known as Toronto’s Shelbyville, also known as the 905. Yes, it’s difficult to spell, but it’s a beautiful city with all the cannabis fixings. Check out Dankhub for weed delivery in Mississauga. They offer high quality cannabis and $90 ounces with same day delivery. Delivery time is 30-3 hours max. Look out for…

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aa cannabis

A Guide To Grade AA Cannabis (Dubs)

Written on July 25, 2021 in General

You know the feeling when you walk into a dispensary and see three jars, one with top-shelf bud, the second with medium grade and another with low-grade stuff. Of course, you pick the top shelf right? There is an entire science behind weed quality, and if you want to get really specific, it is called…

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Cannabis Delivery in Calgary

Written on March 4, 2021 in Reviews

Are you in Calgary and looking for weed at your doorstep right now? Medicine Man Shop has you covered. Medicine Man Shop offers same day cannabis delivery in Calgary. Their mission is simple, provide discreet, quick and safe access to high grade cannabis for everyone over the legal age all across Canada. All of their…

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purple haze cannabis strain review

Purple Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Written on February 7, 2021 in Reviews

Purple haze strain is named after the rock classic of Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze induces a dreamy yet enthusiastic buzz that makes you feel like everything is exact in the world. This fruit-flavored 70% Sativa is loquacious and creative, perfect for hanging out with like-minded friends. The effects could get a bit hallucinogenic for certain,…

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black diamond cannabis strain review

Black Diamond Cannabis Strain Review

Written on February 7, 2021 in Reviews

Today we are going to figure out the characteristics of Black Diamond Strain, which is also known as ‘Black Diamond OG’ and most of the times as ‘Black Diamond OG Kush’. This strain is the medical marijuana strain farmed in Northern California. Black Diamond is indica-dominant and is more rare to find out there. Black…

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white widow marijuana strain flower

White Widow Marijuana Strain Review

Written on February 7, 2021 in Reviews

Be ready for a truly pleasant experience with White Widow Strain. Enriching, energetic, and creative this strain nurtures an almost psychedelic headspace. However, you’ll still have plenty of resources for engaged and dear conversation. Frivolous consumers will appreciate the affability of this strain, as well as the expansive mood it promotes. White widow is so…

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vancouver same day weed delivery logo

Vancouver Same Day Weed Delivery Service

Written on February 6, 2021 in Reviews

If you live in Vancouver and you’re looking same day weed delivery, Canada Wide Weed has you covered. They focus specifically on Vancouver weed delivery same day service. They are the best weed delivery service in the lower mainland. Being in the business for many years in the heart of cannabis country they know a…

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24k CBD Plus – Pure Colorado Green Gold

Written on February 3, 2021 in CBD

Today’s review is all about CBD. What is it? What types of CBD products are available? How much does it cost and where can I get the good stuff? We’re featuring 24k CBD Plus which is supporting sustainable Colorado farming that produces high quality cannabidiol and pure CBD isolates. First things first, if you want…

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rooted cannabis coupon codes box

Delivery Infrastructure & Logistics For Your Cannabis Business

Written on February 3, 2021 in General

Rooted Cannabis Group provides guidance and infrastructure for cannabis delivery businesses that once operated legally until new legislation was introduced giving favour to big brand cannabis enterprises. Rooted offers social equity operators and new cannabis entrepreneurs opportunities to run your existing business legally in the State of California. Here’s a summary of how they work…

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how to get a dispensary licence

How To Get A Dispensary Licence In Ontario

Written on January 31, 2021 in General

There are two main documents required to open a retail cannabis store in Ontario. A Retail Operating Licence (ROL) and a Retail Store Authorization (RSA). As of now, the AGCO is accepting Retail Operating Licence (ROL) applications. The process required to obtain and ROL and RSA for cannabis is rather lengthy and costly. Applications will…

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