AVB – it stands for already vaped bud and if you’re not familiar with the more nuanced intricacies of vaping, you’ll be thinking “gross, why would anyone want to keep bud that’s already been used?”

Today, we’re here to tell you otherwise.

Despite popular belief, the mechanisms of vaping allow for bud that’s been, for the lack of a better term, “baked,” instead of combusted.

Whether you’re buying weed online or at a dispensary, you’re not going to be saving any weed that has been burnt black through a joint or bong, you’re going to be collecting and using bud that has been slightly browned and crisped up and most important of all, still potent enough to still get you high.

Yes, you read that right. AVB still has the incredible potential of getting its users high. 

Did we pique your interest? 

Let’s get into what AVB is all about and 5 ways you can use AVB to get high when you’re dankrupt!

What is AVB?

The definition of AVB is pretty straightforward. 

The acronym literally stands for “already vaped bud.” For clarity’s sake, we’re going to take the chance to tell you that AVB can ONLY be made through dry herb vaporizers. That is to say that vape pens, vape cartridges and other forms of “vaping” devices that do NOT utilize dry herb will not produce already vaped bud.

Unlike the leftover bud that remains in a burnt-out roach, the already vaped bud is golden to dark brown with a few tinges of green mixed in. Depending on how much you vape, the temperature of your device and the quality of the bud you use while vaping, appearances can vary greatly between batches. 

It might not look (or smell) as appetizing as fresh bud, but if you’re a frequent vaper then it’s imperative that you don’t throw this AVB stuff away. It might have already been used and vaped before but it still packs a potent punch as long as you know how to use it! 


AVB – How Much Should You Save?

Saving your AVB is so simple that throwing away doesn’t make any sense. All you need is a glass mason jar that’s airtight and voila – you’ll have an AVB stash as good as any weed connoisseurs. 

To answer the question of how much AVB you should save, we’re going to take a bold approach and tell you to save all of it. Why? Like we said before, it’s so easy to save that it makes no sense to save it. If you vape more than once a week, you may find yourself collecting up to half an ounce or more over the period of only a few months. 

All you have to do is throw your AVB in your jar instead of the trash. It’s really that simple. 

It does depend on which of the following uses you are selecting. If you want to sprinkle some on food, just about any amount can do. If you’re looking to do some more efficient extraction, try to save up half an ounce or more. Depending on how much you vape, this can take weeks or even months.

Don’t give up, the effort is worth it! And by effort, I mean literally just throwing AVB into a jar instead of the garbage.

We’re telling you to save as much as you can because there are just so many ways to use AVB that you’ll need as much as you can get in order to even breach the surface on some of the things you can do with this amazing substance! 

AVB – What’s So Special About It?

AVB – other than it obviously being a quote-on-quote “spent product” still holds tremendous value. It might not look as fresh, smell as great or feel as nice as fresh bud but in terms of potency, AVB can still stand on its own.

However, all of that stuff is less important when you consider the fact that AVB is already decarboxylated and ready to eat and use however you desire. 

What is decarboxylation

To put it simply, it’s the process of “activating weed” in order to make it more bioavailable for our bodies to absorb and process. Usually, this process takes place through combustion like as in through a joint or a bong bowl. The intense heat activates the cannabinoids and when we inhale it, it can be absorbed through our bloodstream. 

The same process takes place when you’re vaping cannabis, albeit to a less extreme extent than combustion. 

When you vape, the cannabis that you use is still vaped and used up, but what remains is decarboxylated, “activated” weed that can be used however you like.

Ever follow an edibles recipe that called for putting your weed in an oven for a few hours? AVB is exactly that, just on a much smaller scale depending on how much you smoke! 

This AVB can be used in a variety of ways to still get you extremely lifted. 

Here are 5 of our favourites! 

How to Use Your AVB

You don’t need to be a scientist or a decorated chef in order to properly use AVB. Just check out these 5 simple recipes to get you going and experiment! Remember that AVB is weed that has already been decarboxylated so you’ll be good to use it in any recipe that calls for decarboxylated weed.

Making Edibles

Like we’ve said before since AVB is decarboxylated you can use your already vaped bud in any recipe that calls for decarbed weed. Usually, the process for decarboxylating weed can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to a few hours and usually leaves a very pungent smell behind.

With your collection of AVB, you’re already cleared to substitute the decarbing step with your stash. Just skip the decarbing step and remember to add a little bit more than what the recipe calls for since the decarbing process in the oven will produce a lesser amount.

A tip for those attempting this edibles recipe – the flavour might be a bit jarring for those accustomed to the pungency of cannabis. Ever had a strong-tasting edible that put your appetite a bit off? Edibles made with AVB will taste even more bitter than that.

The secret lies in the terpenes. While the cannabinoids are definitely still present, the majority of the terpenes will have either evaporated or have been spent while the flower was in the process of being vaped. Combine that with the already crispy flower and you’re in for a bitter, slightly foul-tasting time. 

If you want potent edibles that taste great, it’s best to source them at an online dispensary canada. You won’t regret the taste and you’ll also be able to control your dose much more easily. 


Eat it

Don’t want to make edibles and stink up your house? Believe it or not, your AVB can be eaten as is! Although not quite comparable to an edible, eating AVB can still get you extremely high if you’re not careful with the amount you’re ingesting. 

With that being said, some of our favourite ways to consume AVB is to sprinkle a little bit on top of some ice cream, including a few teaspoons as a final garnish on a pasta dish or mixing it a bit into our morning cup of brew to have some weed-infused coffee!

No matter how you use it, you’re sure to be in for a medicated ride.


Not a fan of the AVB’s taste? Take it a step further and place it in a capsule instead!

Gelatin and vegan-friendly capsules are plentiful and cheap to procure, and the process of filling them with AVB couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is pinch a bit of your AVB into your capsules with your fingers (a miniature funnel might work), close it off and simply swallow!

AVB capsules are a convenient and discreet way to medicate with your AVB without having to ensure the (at times) bitter taste and flavour of AVB. Eating AVB this way may take longer than other methods to produce results but you’ll experience some results all the same. 

If you want more accurate (and better tasting!) results, check out Herb Approach’s offerings. These capsules are accurately formulated to provide the stated amount of CBD and/or THC in a slow and measured release to the body. 

You won’t have to eat any AVB and you’ll be able to know exactly how much you’re medicating yourself with!

Coconut Oil

If you’re averse to simply placing your already vaped bud on as a garnish, why not cook with it instead? 

If you want to avoid eating the literal plant matter of the cannabis plant, a fun way to get your AVB kick without any of the AVB fibre is to take your already vaped bud and some coconut oil in a slow cooker. Turn it on to the lowest setting and let it run for a couple of hours. As the slow cooker works its magic, it’ll incorporate the AVB into the coconut oil.  

All you’ll have to do is strain your coconut oil and pop it into the fridge and you’ll have some great weed-infused oil ready to be used for cooking! 

As with edibles, we want to reiterate that the bitter and sometimes pungent taste of AVB could have an impact on your dish’s flavours. 

If you’re looking to cook with some weed-infused oil without making the entire dish taste like cannabis, it’ll be prudent to find some quality weed-infused oil instead. Online dispensaries such as Herb Approach have the highest selection at the lowest prices.  

Smoke It

For those who are truly dankrupt and crave the ritual of smoking, you can always roll up your AVB into a joint and smoke it as is. 

Of course, we don’t recommend this because the flavour and overall experience will not replicate that of smoking fresh weed but if you’re dankrupt and desperate, smoking AVB is an option that’s always available. 

Final Thoughts on Already Vaped Bud

Whether you prefer eating it or using it as a cooking ingredient, saving your AVB is never a bad idea. The 5 recipes we went over in this short guide are just some of the ways you can use this already vaped bud. 


If you’ve been throwing your AVB away, why not try building your own stash? You’ll never know when you might be dankrupt and having a bit of AVB on hand could make the difference between a bad day and a great one! 

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