Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of vaping vs smoking? 

Whether for the health effects, to help quit smoking, or in response to medical advice, many cannabis consumers consider making the switch at some point.

This article will explore this passionate debate within the cannabis community and understand the core issues to explain the bottom line and help people make informed choices around their consumption method. 

Vaping vs Smoking – The Differences
A Look at Cannabis - Vaping vs Smoking

Let us make sure we are on the same page here. We’ll start with the basics.

Smoking weed involves burning plant matter and inhaling what emerges from that act. Whether it’s sativa vs indica, you’re going to be burning weed in some way or another. 

Vaping cannabis involves the use of high heat without actual combustion to produce a vapour that you then inhale.

The Science Behind Vaping vs Smoking 

While further research into the long-term health effects of smoking vs vaping is necessary, current evidence rules that vaping is the healthier alternative.

When discussing the scientific differences of smoking vs vaping, temperature and by-product formation are two key factors.

Vaping uses much lower temperatures than smoking. The temperatures that occur with smoking are known to convert several substances into more dangerous forms, namely harmful carcinogens

Is it Better to Vape or Smoke?
A Look at Cannabis - Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping cannabis is likely less harmful than smoking. It creates a mist or vapour that you inhale. In this way, no combustion occurs.

On the other hand, smoking weed burns the plant matter and produces smoke that you inhale directly. 

These distinct differences result in variations in the health effects and overall impacts of each delivery method.

Which is Worse, Smoking or Vaping?

A study from 2010 determined that vaping instead of smoking serves as a potentially better method of ingesting cannabis while being less damaging to respiratory function than smoking. 

Researchers noted how vaping improved the negative symptoms experienced by consuming cannabis. 

Participants who vaped instead of smoking weed experienced improvements in respiratory functioning and symptoms, and these benefits were noted after only one month of vaping.

For medicinal patients looking to smoke phoenix tears for an intense THC dose or even just some indica as an evening nightcap, vaping is the healthier alternative to smoking that won’t leave you coughing after medicating. 

What Does Vaping do to Your Lungs?

Many consumers and patients report positive effects on their lungs after vaping.

 Generally, smaller doses are more advisable for individuals seeking benefits for their breathing. Many users note an opening-up of their lungs and reduced symptoms related to asthma or other respiratory issues when vaping vs smoking. 

However, it is essential to note that others have reported vaping weed can produce worse respiratory symptoms for transparency’s sake.

So, exercise caution if you have any pre-existing health conditions. If you are concerned, consult your doctor.

Smoking weed causes respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, with symptoms including coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness. 

If you’re just looking to burn a few joints down or have a sesh after a long day – don’t worry. Smoking weed only causes problems when consumed in large amounts and frequency, similar to cigarettes. Most casual smokers won’t suffer from these symptoms at all, but it’s still something to consider if you’re blazing up every day. 

The Top 5 Benefits of Vaping

A Look at Cannabis - Vaping vs Smoking

As we’ve hinted throughout this article, there are numerous benefits to vaping your weed.

Are you already sold on the benefits of vaping? Check out our top three picks for some of the best THC Vape Pens available. 

Still on the fence? Below are just five of the benefits of vaping vs smoking.

1. Vaping is Healthier

Vaping produces fewer toxins than smoking due to the lack of combustion and burnt plant matter. 

For all the reasons we’ve already discussed, vaping is undoubtedly the healthier option, at least from a harm reduction standpoint. If you are going to inhale cannabinoids, vaping is the best way to go.

That said, we do not know the long-term impacts of vaping, but evidence indicates that it shouldn’t be worse than smoking. 

The critical factor here is that you are vaping safe products that do not contain any dangerous additives.

2. Vaping Provides Greater Ease and Discretion
Pyro Metal Vape Kit

When it comes to which is more discreet in terms of vaping vs smoking, vaping wins, both in terms of how easy it is to sneak a few quick puffs in seconds and the odour associated with getting high. 


These two factors make vaping more suitable for many people’s lives, particularly for those who work or in social settings where the smell of weed will produce serious consequences.


Pyro’s compact vape pen pictured above is the perfect mix of sleek and stealth. Instead of being long and tall, Pyro Extract’s vape pen starter kit has a battery that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. With such a small form factor, sneaking a few puffs while you’re on-the-go or in transit becomes a breeze. 


The accessibility doesn’t just stop there. For many seeking the benefits of cannabis out there, rolling a joint just isn’t an option. 

Whether you simply don’t know how to, don’t like it, or have a medical condition that makes this activity challenging, there are multiple reasons why smoking a joint is unideal. 

The same goes for dealing with bongs and pipes, which generally require intensive cleaning. 

For medical marijuana patients, using a vaporizer can allow them to consume cannabis in the comfort of their own home without breaking no-smoking rules. This fact is all the more critical for those who have physical difficulties or conditions preventing easy mobility.

3. Vaping is Tastier and Purer


For the cannabis consumer who wants to experience all of the terpenes that your strain has to offer, you can’t beat vaping. 

Due to the lower temperatures used in vaping vs smoking, fewer terpenes are burnt-off and wasted. More of these terpenes are vaporized and inhaled, allowing you to experience the flavour profile fully. 

The process is also less harsh on your lungs, allowing you to focus on the tasty distillate in your vape pen.

4. Vaping Provides Efficient, Immediate Relief

Pyro Ceramic Starter Kit

Compared to edibles and oils, vaping THC produces immediate effects. 

Many consumers have wanted to reduce how much they smoke or quit altogether. When looking at the non-smoking cannabis alternatives, edibles, oils, and vaping are the best bets. 

However, out of these three, only vaping supplies immediate effects and relief. The vape pen featured above is formulated to deliver the best flavour and the most potent results. The ceramic mouthpiece eliminates any burnt or metallic taste that might arise from wick-based coils. The naturally sourced strain-specific and fruit terpenes also give each puff of vapour an unbelievably enticing taste. 

With vape pens like these, you only really need three or four hits of flavourful smoke to take it to the next level. 


5. E-Cigarettes and Quitting Smoking

Golden Teacher Mushrooms

There are numerous electronic cigarettes out there nowadays, and these do appear to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes. We all know that regular cigarettes produce dozens of known carcinogens when smoked. 

Quitting smoking can benefit your health in numerous ways. If you still want that hit of nicotine, e-cigarettes have emerged as the better public health option. While e-cigarette use does still produce potentially harmful toxins, they are at lower levels than smoking tobacco.

There is some evidence to indicate that e-cigarettes and the act of vaping tobacco can help people quit smoking. The reasons for this lower risk are related to the lack of combustion and reduced exposure to toxicants. 

The flipside is that the e-cigarette must be of sufficiently high quality to not produce additional toxicants from the device itself.  

When it comes to cigarettes and vaping, the harm reduction research says to use e-cigarettes and quit smoking. Psychadelic mushrooms are also a great way to quit smoking and are worth looking into if you’re interested in the therapeutic benefits that magic mushrooms can offer. 


Vaping Vs. Smoking – Which is the Best Consuming Method?

When it comes to which is better, vaping vs smoking, the choice is ultimately up to you. 


However, the evidence errs on the side of vaping as a safer, healthier method for consuming cannabis because of the lack of combustion and purer products. 


Not only that, vaping offers more discreteness by not producing the typical odour that comes from smoking cannabis and offering portability in most vape pen options. 


While there is a classic nostalgia that comes with rolling up and smoking a joint, it may be time to consider making the switch to vaping for a safer, purer and more discreet smoking experience. 


Whatever your choice may be, be sure to purchase from a trusted online dispensary canada. Don’t gamble on faulty or risky devices and shady THC distillate cartridges – purchase from one that has thousands of reviews and verified, trusted products. We promise you won’t regret it!


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