You know the feeling when you walk into a dispensary and see three jars, one with top-shelf bud, the second with medium grade and another with low-grade stuff. Of course, you pick the top shelf right? There is an entire science behind weed quality, and if you want to get really specific, it is called Cannabis AAAA Grading System. Check out our other guide on comparing different weed grades.

If you’re a smoker, you’re familiar with the quality of smoke based on its grade. Before we get into the term “Grade AA Cannabis” means, let us make one thing clear. It has nothing to do with the strain in question. You can have a top-notch sativa, and the grower can be doing everything wrong. For example, giving fewer nutrients or too much water resulting in a musty low-grade weed. Now that we’ve cleared that up…back to the topic at hand.

Dubs are more potent, but they sometimes lack the freshness and aromatic scent commonly associated with high-grade cannabis. By contrast, “AAA” and AAAA grades have a deep green hue and highly resinous crystals.

What makes AA unique?

“Grade AA-” is the cannabis industry’s way of saying “high quality weed, but not quite perfect.” It is graded as having a lesser quality than the prime AAA material. While an AA-grade is better than most types of unregulated cannabis, it still has its imperfections. These imperfections are usually minor deficits found in leaf shape, colouration, potency, etc.

white widow marijuana strain ground up

aa cannabis

An AA grade cannabis is still considered a low-quality selection. Because of their inferior genetic structure, products from this grade tend to be smaller or malformed. These are also the youngest and, therefore, the least experienced plants you could come across. However, if your reason for looking into this grade is because you are short of funds, it is worth a look.

Grade AA cannabis is a mix of the best grade AAA cannabis and lower quality leaves. It’s still widely considered to be the third-best possible variety that one can purchase. The quality is again consistent. However, buds are usually less dense, but they will not contain any brown or tan colouring.

When it comes to the cannabis grading system, grade AAAA (Quads) is the highest grade you can find due to the quality of bud and trichome that goes into making it. This is not just about the THC content but also about how the cannabis looks, smells and tastes.

Grade AA cannabis weed will have a fully developed high, which is felt right through your body, leaving you in a state of euphoria with your head is clearer. The effects of high-grade cannabis buds start slow, but as the high develops further, your head will be lighter as if it was ready to float away from your body.

Types of products

The Grade AA Cannabis (AA) is also known as “dubs” or budget weed. It is great for the consumer looking for great value without breaking a bank. The AA grade may have a stemmy appearance but still offer a nice and smooth smell. Some of the flowers may be over-watered, resulting in less desirable appearances.

When you are looking for AA grade cannabis, you will have many options to choose from. There are tons of product choices like dabs, concentrate, flowers and various forms of edibles. Each of these products has benefits that appeal to different people.


Dubs offer the best value, ranging from $5 to $8 a gram. If you’re not a connoisseur, quality may not matter as much as value. Dubs are good basic cannabis that can give you a positive smoking experience. These bargains may have the same great buds as full quality strains do but at a savings of over ten dollars per ounce!

Usage examples

You can count on these strains to have the potency and taste you’re looking for in AA grade cannabis. There are dozens more AA grade weed strains available, so this list is not exhaustive!

Purple Kush (Indica)

purple haze cannabis strain review

purple kush aa cannabis

Purple Kush is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid from California, where it was originally developed. It produces heavy amounts of crystals and red hairs on long and dense buds. This strain has a fruity, kush scent with woody undertones and pine, berry, and cedar flavours.

It is a spectacular hybrid with extremely powerful Indica effects. Purple Kush gets its name from the dark and purple hue of mature plants. This indica is often described as having hypnotic qualities that take hold quickly and do not let go. This strain is an extremely effective stress reliever, treating chronic aches and pains while offering appetite stimulation. This high THC-count strain has patients praising Purple Kush for treating their most resistant ailment.

Skywalker OG

the force

Feel the force of this potent Hybrid from the famous breeder Skywalker Organics. This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Skywalker. Skywalker OG Kush is an incredibly strong strain that may cause paranoia if taken too high a dose, so consume with caution. However, it provides a powerful body high that will relieve pains and inflammation while also leaving you relaxed and happy.

This strain is a true classic OG Kush hybrid. The indica dominant effects of Skywalker offer a relaxed body sensation, perfect for the end of a long workday or the ideal remedy for stress and anxiety. Expect a powerful and relaxing high associated with increased appetite.

Platinum Cookies (Hybrid)

aa cannabis platinum cookies

aa cannabis platinum cookies

Platinum Cookies is a Hybrid strain originating from the Platinum X Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) crosses. It possesses a sour diesel smell of fresh strawberries, with an earthy sweet taste and a high yielding body high. Platinum Cookies leaves users with a euphoric “high” and a feeling of relaxation. This is a healthy choice for those who want to mellow out on the couch and enjoy the TV or movie.

Laughing Buddha (Sativa)

laughing buddha aa cannabis

aa cannabis laughing buddha

Known for its uplifting mental effects, Laughing Buddha is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. With THC levels between 20-24%, this strain provides an intense, euphoric high that energizes the body and mind with a persistent sense of happiness. The aroma is earthy and citrusy with nutty qualities, and the flavour is very sweet and fruity.

Laughing Buddha’s lineage traces back to the hills of Thailand and Jamaica. This strain delivers clear cerebral effects great for creative thinking and spending time outdoors in a social setting.

Summing Up AA Cannabis

AA cannabis, although lower on the cannabis grading scale, is a dependable grade that can deliver a high THC level. Maybe this is your calling? It’s a good way to save some money at the bank so you can splurge on the top shelf every now and then. Let’s be realistic, THC is important if you have experience so make sure you’re looking at the data when you’re thinking about how you want to feel.