Today’s review is all about CBD. What is it? What types of CBD products are available? How much does it cost and where can I get the good stuff? We’re featuring 24k CBD Plus which is supporting sustainable Colorado farming that produces high quality cannabidiol and pure CBD isolates. First things first, if you want to buy some quality CBD at a good price, use coupon code 24Kcbd50 to save 50% off all products! This offer is for a limited time. Shop smart my friends. Visit their website at

What is CBD?

Simply put, it’s a chemical compound from sativa cannabis plants. It does not contain any delta-9 THC. It’s mainly used for medicinal purposes as it does not contain the mental effects of delta-9 THC. Looking for the physical benefits without going wild? CBD will cure your pains without the mental stress.

What types of CBD are available?

cbd oil droppers

CBD comes in the same forms as any cannabis product. They will be labeled and contain information on how much CBD is in the product. Dosage has several factors and deciding on the correct dosage is difficult. Read our article on what’s the best CBD dosage.

24k CBD Plus offers the following products:

Gummies, honey, tea, capsules

Dried flower, kief

Various dosages

Creams, solve, roll on

Vape Oils
CBD for Pets

CBD Myths

There’s lots of chatter on the Internets. We all know this very well. We dove deep at Potpromos to let you know what’s fact or fiction. If you’re interested in reading more, read on here!


cbd honey sticks in jar

Feeling a little sore? Grab some CBD honey sticks and CBD tea from 24k CBD Plus. This is the ultimate combo for a good night sleep without the groggy hangover. If you’re looking for something to last you a bit longer, grab the jar of Honey and keep that in the pantry at all times.

Big shout out to 24k CBD Plus for the quality products. Reminder* Save 50% using coupon code 24Kcbd50.

Enjoy some good CBD.