Cannabis is a growing industry. For those who partake, it can be overwhelming stepping into a dispensary and trying to figure out which product is your best option.

Sometimes, you just have to go with a name that makes you smile. And what better way to toke up than in honor of someone you watched, cheered for, or have sung along to in your past?

Although this article is not a review of strain characteristics or a product review of any kind, it is a look at which strains have pretty dope namesakes we should all be familiar with. Sometimes the name of a product is good enough to give you confidence in your selection.

1. Beastmode O.G.

Marshawn Lynch Beastmode O.G

It’s always fun when there’s a celebrity-influenced strain that doesn’t use the celebrity’s name. That means only true fans of the person will understand the reference. With that theme in mind, enter “Beastmode O.G.” Named after Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks fans across the country will remember when “Beastmode” was born on the field every time they partake.

2. Blue Ivy Strain


Is it inappropriate to name a cannabis strain after a small child? Maybe, but you can get away with it when her folks are royalty and likely have been partaking since before you were born. This one straddles a fine line, but when Jay-Z and Beyonce are even remotely involved, it’s rare you’ll hear any complaints. 

3. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

When you’re a one-time highest-paid actor on television and you are kicked off your own show because you’re too much of a party boy even for your own party-boy character, you get a mellow strain named after you. Maybe Charlie Sheen should try this one next time he’s tempted to go on national television for an interview; he seems like he could chill out a bit.

Chuck Norris Black and Blue Dream

Chuck Norris

Colloquially, this one is known simply as “Chuck Norris.” But the full name of “Black and Blue Dream” is just too perfect. Blue Dream is a very classic strain all on its own, and this one, quite frankly, kicks extra butt. The legendary Norris left his adversaries black and blue and dreaming of better days. This strain might be the most aptly named product on the market.  

4. Deadhead O.G.

Nobody’s going to question whether or not there were people partaking in the cannabis experience back when The Grateful Dead was in its hay day. But since the legalization of the product in numerous states, this one has been established as somewhat of an homage. Imagine if this had been available for purchase at the corner market around the way from their venues in the 1970s. This would’ve had better sales than bottled water at those shows. 

5. Michael Phelps O.G.

Michael Phelps

Today’s youth, who could very well be responsible for tomorrow’s legalization of marijuana, may not even know much about Michael Phelps, Olympic swimmer, and overall fish-like human. But along with his underwater accomplishments, he went viral back in 2008 when someone at a University of South Carolina party snapped a photo of him holding a bong and appearing to smoke marijuana. At the time, it was quite the controversy. Today, it’s likely the driving factor for this strain name. 

6. Obama Kush


This strain name definitely wins the popular vote. Barack Obama, during his time as the 44th president of the United States, allowed individual states to decide whether marijuana should be decriminalized. What the future has in store, we shall see; this remains a topic ahead of the next elections. But for now, you can sit back, relax and remember the good times with Barack Obama. 

7. Snoop Dogg O.G.

Snoop Dogg

Honestly, it would be a huge disappointment if there wasn’t a strain named after Snoop D.O.Double-G. No need to dive into this one. We all get it. 

8. Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong High Times

Like Snoop, it would’ve been a crying shame not to have Tommy Chong on this list, and it would’ve been downright inexcusable if there were, in fact, no strain named for him at all. Alas, the world is right. This planet was gifted Tommy Chong back in the day, and now it’s been gifted his strain. Life is good. 

9. Willie’s Wonder

Willie Nelson

Like Beastmode, Willie’s Wonder is a nod to a celebrity without actually using his name; although, this one may be a bit more obvious. Willie’s Wonder is named after the one, the only Willie Nelson. It’s unclear at this point whether Nelson is more known for his music or his weed-infused lifestyle, but you should be able to enjoy both with this strain.

10. Elon’s Musk

Elon Musk

There’s no strain currently named after Mr. Musk so I’m taking the chance to spark some ideas. Other options include Mango Musk, Muskush, Elon’s Easy Diesel, Sour Musk.

Bonus! Whoopi & Maya

Whoopi up some fine Goldberg chronic with Maya and you’ll be in for a good time. Whoopi & Maya have their very own medical product lines. Well done folks!


Now comes the hard part; it’s time to choose. These aren’t the only celebrity-inspired strains on the market, but they may be the best. Use this article as a primer for the next time you plan to browse the selection.